Beyond Oil CSO, Hitesh Juneja, Interview in Digital Oil & Gas Podcast

Our CSO, in this video, explains live why the Solar Oil Project represents a step in the right direction 🎯 for energy production, helping to lower emissions and reduce environmental hazards — and it’s all powered by crypto…

What the Solar Oil Project does differently:

Forging The Path To A Better Future

There are many complexities involved in harvesting and tokenizing abandoned oil while ensuring it is a green, eco-friendly, and profitable process for all involved.

This short video explains how the Solar Oil Project works behind the scenes to make the vision of Beyond Oil™ a reality!

Project’s Summary

The Solar Oil Project is a rare and revolutionary application of technology to address one of the major ecological challenges of our time while providing oil commodity backed token rewards!

Helping save the Planet is a reward in and of itself. But we understand that it takes a little more than that ;)

Solar Oil Project — the revolutionary tokenized oil project that rehabs old oils with new, solar-powered technology while reducing carbon footprint by up to 92%, cost reductions of 60%+, and eliminates the water & soil pollution from abandoned wells. The project is cash flow positive and distributes the majority of the oil revenue generated via blockchain to its ERC-20 token holders.

The project is responsible for interfacing with token buyers and for providing a mechanism to distribute the Staking rewards.

Solar Oil Project works directly with multiple partner manufacturers, oil well…


Following Hatchworks’ announcement earlier this year regarding Spectre Exchange, a project they advise with Solar Oil, a Beyond Oil™ initiative, a meeting took place between both teams in August 2021 to discuss in-depth the next stages of the project moving forward into 2022 and beyond.

Beyond Oil™ is on target to conclude Phase I private pre-sale of the initiative on in Q4 2021. During Phase I which began in December 2020, a $10m oil production portfolio was developed and offered in the pilot program to initial participants. …

PRESS RELEASE. Beyond Oil™ has officially launched the Solar Oil Project — the blockchain powered decentralized oil production platform that recycles abandoned oil wells to produce oil while eliminating a trillion dollar ecological nightmare.

What the Solar Oil Project does differently:

Solar Oil Project — Forging The Path To A Better Future
Solar Oil Project — Forging The Path To A Better Future

The headlines have been everywhere lately — just within the last week major news outlets have published claims like ‘Cryptocurrency [mining] consumes more electricity than the entire annual energy consumption of the Netherlands’ and ‘Bitcoin has a carbon footprint comparable to that of New Zealand’.

While these claims go back years, Elon Musk recently tweeting that Tesla will suspend accepting Bitcoin payments because of environmental concerns brought these claims to the forefront.

Excluded from these reports are the strong arguments saying these claims are unfounded. Oddly, none of the reports attempt to answer the only question that matters — how…

Solar Oil Project

Solar Oil Project by Beyond Oil — the revolutionary tokenized oil project that rehabs old oils with new, solar-powered technology!

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